Tips For Being the One to Fill Job Vacancies

The global economic crisis seems to have touched every corner of every nation. The number of unemployed people right now is indeed the highest it has ever been. This means that finding available jobs may be harder due to the competition you are going to have with millions of other unemployed people. What are some ways to make sure you fill one of those job vacancies?

The skills you have will be the most obvious part of you being qualified for a particular job. If you are skilled in management, these are going to be the jobs you are applying for. The resume you write needs to target those management jobs first. You may be like millions of others, however, and your jobs skills in a certain area may not matter as much when you are ready to take any job just to put food on the table.

When you find a job opening you would like to apply for, you must keep in mind that your resume is going to the interview grabber. Even if you may be trying to land a job that your skills are not suited to exactly, you can still get it through a creative resume and cover letter. Say for instance you did that management for ten or years. However, before then, you may have worked in the warehouse of the place you managed. Be sure to put in those job skills as well.

Your cover letter needs to be straight and to the point without sounding like rude or or making you look like the most desperate person in the world. You introduce yourself; give some information about your skills and why you think you would be an asset to that particular company. Sum it up by thanking that person in advance for their consideration. Always try to address the cover letter of your resume to the person in personnel that does the hiring.

Once you hit pay dirt and get an interview, you should pay special attention to your appearance. Think about what you would think of someone that dressed in a slouchy manner and had that same kind of persona. You would not want that kind of person working for you. The interviewer will feel the same way. Make sure to dress casually, but not so casual as you dress at home in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Dress like you would for going to a nice upscale restaurant with a new date.

One way to stay on top of available jobs is by using the internet. There are hundreds of websites that are for nothing but job ads and helping people to find the ads they are qualified for. You can have listing sent directly to your inbox on a daily and weekly basis. This is a great way not to miss any of the jobs you might be qualified to do.

Looking for work in the times we are all trying to survive in today is hard. Many adult professionals are going back to school as are many people that held laborer jobs. Filling job vacancies these days is going to depend on your knowledge and what kind of degree you have to offer.

Great Las Vegas Investment Properties – But Will They Rent?

Real estate prices have fallen over 70% in Las Vegas, and aggressive investors are now flooding back into the market to snatch up bargain properties. Real estate experts are touting the strong cash flow potential that Las Vegas properties now offer. Still, I have found that of the dozens of potential Las Vegas real estate investors I speak to every week, most of them share the same concern: Will I be able to find tenants for my investment properties? This is a great question. Exactly how strong is the rental market in Las Vegas? How long will it take to get your investment home or condo rented? What is the vacancy rate in Las Vegas?

Rental vacancy rates are published yearly and I am still waiting to see the data for 2009. But vacancy rates don’t tell the whole story. Because rental vacancy statistics are heavily weighted towards apartment buildings, a high rental vacancy rate for a particular city does not mean that rental homes and condos are necessarily experiencing high vacancy rates. With foreclosure rates in Las Vegas leading the nation for the last two years, many families who are used to living in houses are losing their homes. These families look to rental house and condos to find a new home that fits their lifestyle. So even when overall vacancy rates in Las Vegas have been high, we have continued to see strong demand for rental houses and condos. My personal experience has followed this trend as well. On the 80 plus homes and condos I helped investors purchase last year alone, we are currently running close to a 95% occupancy rate.

It is true that average rents have fallen in Las Vegas over the last two years. But rents have fallen only around 20% while home and condo prices have plummeted over 70% from highs of three years ago. This disparity has created a great cash flow opportunity for investors now entering the deflated market. Homes that were $300,000 are now selling for $100,000 and renting for as much as $1300 a month. Condos that were $225,000 in 2007 can be had for $59,000 and are renting for $900 per month. Homes and condos are experiencing tremendous cash flow that is well above the 1% rule. (Rents should equal at least 1% of the purchase price in order to cash flow positively.)

In the last year, I have sold to many investors, but one in particular has done something that I believe I will see a lot more of this year. He has cashed out around a million dollars from the stock market, purchased 10 single family homes (all around $100,000), and is cash flowing hugely at this time. Average rents on his properties are at $1150 per month and all of his homes are now rented out. If you consider the numbers on his particular investment: Rental income minus taxes, home owners association dues, insurance, minor maintenance, and property management… he is netting about $800 per month, per house. Multiply this by his 10 properties, and he is netting close to $8000 per month in returns. This comes to just under a 10% yearly return on investment. I don’t know anyone right now who is making 10% per year on their stock portfolio. And these figures don’t even take into account the appreciation that he will receive year over year on his properties as the market continues to recover. Nor does it take into account the tremendous tax benefits that come from investing in real estate. Once appreciation takes effect over the course of the next several years, and rents continue to rise, this guy will look like a genius.

This gentleman took a calculated risk and faced his fears about the rental market and is feeling pretty good about it at this time. (Amir, you are my hero.) Now that he has hit his goal of 10 homes, he is planning on buying 10 more over the course of the next year.

If you would like more information on the Las Vegas rental real estate market or investing in Las Vegas properties, please contact me.

Glenn Plantone

Get Known to the Job Trends in Mumbai and Pune

Mumbai and Pune, both of these Indian cities attract a large number of migrants from different parts of the nation. The major reason behind this migration is either education or job search. A large segment of youngsters prefers moving to these cities either due to the lifestyle ensured by them or due to the opportunities being offered. Both of these cities are home to big manufacturing giants and other industrial units, which is considered a major reason for professionals moving to these cities.

To have a clear view of the job trends prevalent in Mumbai and Pune, we need to closely review them. This brief will also help you know about what jobs can you get to explore in these cities.


Mumbai is said to be the commercial and entertainment center of India. The city houses headquarters of many financial corporations like Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India, National Stock Exchange. Besides, it houses many commercial banks that expand the career horizons for many across the nation. Mumbai also headquarters many big brands that make revenue in billions. Some out of these are Reliance Industries, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, State Bank of India, Axis Bank and Bank of Baroda. Presence of such major companies in the city is an evident of the kind of job opportunities it generates in different sectors.

Coming to the entertainment sector, it can be considered a major reason behind a large pool of youngsters moving to Mumbai every year. The entertainment industry undoubtedly holds a lot for those creative youngsters, who find themselves a fit for fashion or film industry. Some of them get into direction, some get into writing, while some get into some corporate jobs. This is because the city lets me discover many alluring job openings.


Whereas Mumbai rules the job markets in financial and entertainment sectors, Pune rules automotive industry. The city houses manufacturing facilities of many automobile companies including Force Motors, Kinetic Motors, General Motors, Volkswagen and Fiat. Pune is also growing with its IT space with a lot of IT companies setting up in the city.

Another significant sector where one can expect a lot of job vacancies in the years to come in Pune is education. As the city houses many engineering colleges, reputed MBA institutes and other institutions, many professionals belonging to this sector are likely to find Pune, a good choice.

With dominance of different industries, Mumbai and Pune generate a good amount of job opportunities. With years passing by, the job prospects in these cities are expected to surge at a faster pace. Besides, the kind of living ensured by these cities serve as another major factor attracting job seekers.

Skills Shortage in Engineering and Why You Should Learn Today

Times are tough all over. Nowhere does this old saying ring more true than in the engineering sector. But the tough times in the engineering sector are not as a result of zero need and zero funding. After all, the Tories have plotted to increase spending in this sector in the coming years. No, tough times in the engineering sector are tough because there are not enough men and women willing to answer the call of the growing need for jobs. There is a skills shortage in engineering and if you’re looking for a great profession, you should start learning how to feel these shortages today. Some more reasons why you will want to do this and get started immediately:

One of the highest paying professions: Quality engineering vacancies are some of the highest paying jobs on the market. You do have to have proper skills and training, but when you acquire them, the world is your oyster. Manufacturing engineer job vacancies are higher than they have been in quite some time, and they can open up a world of opportunity for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of while also giving something back to your community, and its economy.

Economies need infrastructure to survive: Economies thrive on infrastructure. When you fill the need presented by quality engineering vacancies you are becoming a part of the much needed solution. Better roads and transportation systems mean that people can get around better, and businesses can feel better about expanding into higher traffic areas. This grows jobs, grows the business, and presents a healthier economic climate.

A secure profession that will always be in demand: Manufacturing engineer job vacancies represent a safe profession that society will always need. Consider that even though the global economy has been in the worst shape it’s been in for quite some time, this field continues to have trouble finding qualified applicants. If the need for jobs is this great during tough times, imagine the need when the economy turns around!

Build a better tomorrow for future generations: Haven’t you always wanted to leave the world a better place than what you found it? As families grow, you want to make sure that future generations such as your children and grandchildren will not face the same difficulties that you did. That’s why it’s so important to find better alternatives for transportation and city planning today. Tackle the problems that exist. Do not delay. And your loved ones will wake up one day to a better future. A future you may enjoy as well!

Manufacturing engineer job vacancies and other quality engineering vacancies are not going any place until people like you decide to fill them. Make sure that future need is determined by growth and not desperation, and start working towards your career today!

How to Find Suitable Job Vacancies

If you are searching for the latest job vacancies then you have clicked on the right link. The information in this article should help you go about the task with the potential for greater results. Unfortunately more people have found themselves out of work over the last few years as the effects of the recession have taken their toll.

Word of mouth: One of the best ways to find a respectable job is through word of mouth. In many cases vacancies are not even advertised. They are filled by friends and acquaintances of people already employed in the particular business or office. Ask your fiends and family if they know of any current openings that fit your profile.

Job centre: All towns and cities have job centres through which you can find out about the latest openings. The staff employed in such places are there to help you find employment. They can keep you up to date with the latest vacancies. If you feel that for some reason you will have problems getting back into the workplace then ask about special training to improve your chances.

Agency: Today many employers forego the old fashioned method of advertising their latest openings themselves; instead they reduce the effort involved by hiring an agency to take care of recruitment. Search for a list of all the employment agencies in your area and then register yourself with as many as you can.

Newspapers: Newspapers are still an excellent way to find good jobs. Apart from the national newsprint you may find it useful to check out your local papers as these are more likely to have jobs relevant to your situation.

At the end of the day it is important that even when you find interesting openings you apply in the right manner. Ensure that your resume is up to date and relevant for the position you apply for.

It’s Always Best To Know Your City’s Codes That Pertain To Your New Investment Property

Over the years I have noticed a new trend in building code violations that pertain to properties that have been vacant for more than one year. I have bought properties in two different municipalities and in both cases I was not aware of the new codes that were put in place by the municipalities. In both cases the fact that the properties were vacant for one year was the trigger for the code to go into effect. Both properties were foreclosures one was bought on the sheriff sale and the other was a bank repossession that was listed by the bank. Both properties were vacant for at least a year before I bought them.

The first property that I bought was a absolute horror story that I was completely unaware of, in fact I would never had dreamed that this situation could ever happen. Here is what happened. It was about 9 years ago and I bid on a property that was on the sheriff sale at the courthouse. I had the highest bid of $27,500. I had to put down a cash deposit of $1,750 to secure the sale the rest of the money would be due in two weeks. Luckily for me I drove by the property and saw that the door was open so I went in and made sure that everything was alright. At that time a building inspector stopped by and told me that the property was scheduled to be torn down in the next month. I told him that I just bough the property on the sheriff sale and I was going to fix up the property and sell it. He informed me that since the property was vacant for a year the lot size was not wide enough to be a buildable lot and the code for the lot size would apply to this property because of the vacancy. Basically they applied the code like there was no house on the lot at all. Within the month the property was torn down and to this day there is nothing on the lot. I got a lawyer, but I was never able to get my deposit back. At least I never paid the full price for the property who knows what would have happened. I don’t know if I could have stopped the demolition or not.

The next property is one that I just bought. Because the property was vacant for over a year I had to have a special electrical inspection done that number one cost me $75 and worse yet cost me a week of work before the electric could get turned on. Everything was OK with the electric. By the time reports were faxed to the appropriate agencies it was a week until I was able to get into the property and actually get some work done.

I am writing this to stress the importance of being up to date on the building codes in the municipalities that you are looking in. In both situations these codes that were applied were just passed and I had not heard of them yet. How could I have protected myself from these situations? I found that when a property is vacant for a year the city has extra powers that they would not normally have if the property would have been occupied. It is a good idea to ask other investors you know and a call to the city may not be a bad idea to see if there are anythings that may affect your particular situation. A simple call to the city in the case of the first property would have convinced me to never bid on the property in the first place. It just goes to show that there is no substitute for being prepared by making sure that you are aware of all details and pitfalls.

High Vacancy Rates Affecting the Demand For Office Space

Nashville being the capital of Tennessee and the county seat of the Davidson County naturally has added significance. The population is also high and the place is a prime hub for publishing, banking, healthcare, music, and transportation industries. Further consolidation is achieved due to the city-county government,which encompasses smaller municipalities having a 2-tier system. According to recent figures, the total population in the Nashville-Davidson metropolitan area is 1550, 733 which is the largest in Tennessee. Any entrepreneur / professional wanting to start a business in the current financial scenario needs to first look at the options for executive office suites on rent.

Many websites of real estate agents provide reliable quotes and details about office space in Nashville. Nashville has been the home of county-music for a long time and hence the music production industry is always flourishing in this region. The healthcare industry is also quite prominent in the Nashville region. During the financial downturn, the employment opportunities in the healthcare sector dropped drastically with many employees getting retrenched. The demand for office space in Nashville was naturally low during that period. In 2009 some amount of stability was regained and in the current year things are slowly picking up.

It needs to be kept in mind that taxes are imposed on sale, lease and rental of commodities / goods. Additional taxes can also be imposed at the local level. The amenities provided with the executive office suites depend a lot on the business characteristics and requirements. However, certain facilities are expected from any modern office space in Nashville. These include round-the-clock access, alarm / manned security, CAT-5 Cabling, Kitchen / Dining Facility, Package Distribution / Incoming Mail, Boardrooms / Meeting rooms / Conference halls, office furniture, Postal Collection, Customized Telephone Answering, secure LAN connectivity, Air conditioning, Voicemail, Internet connectivity with broadband speed, virtual offices, etc.

The executive suites are strategically located in the commercial Nashville district. The location of majority of the offices is in the vicinity of the airport and the Music Row. Appropriate lease terms are arranged according to the array of amenities provided with the executive suites. Negotiations for office space in Nashville are being made in a mature manner and tenants are slowly gaining greater negotiating powers after the recent financial turmoil. The location of the executive office suites influences the prices to a large extent. The rental terms have become stricter keeping the recent economic fiasco in mind. Many websites serve as valuable resources for getting information about rental rates and quotes can also be submitted to get favorable responses.

Places outside Nashville where a demand for office space is noticed are Bellevue, Berry Hill, Goodlettsville, Brentwood, Lawrenceburg, Germantown, etc. Ample parking space is provided with most of the executive office suites in Nashville. Training rooms and gym facilities are also available with the office space in Nashville. Still the high vacancy rates and absence of credit facilities are hampering the construction of big office -projects. Landlords are also keen to retain their tenants by giving them favorable residential / office rental terms.

Why Should You Look for a Job in Bangalore or Kolkata?

Some Indian cities look enriched in terms of employment opportunities available for different professions. While some of them are flooded with job openings for IT professionals, some other cities offer job opportunities for education, media, biotechnology and many other sectors. The professionals looking for jobs can move to these cities to search for ideal jobs as per their core industries and preferences. Looking at the recent trends, Bangalore and Kolkata can be suggested as the ideal job markets that help you locate the ideal opportunities. These cities serve a large pool of professionals with many new jobs created here every year.

If you have never considered the job openings coming from either Bangalore or Kolkata, you surely need to change your mind now. To know more about the trends highlighting job markets of these cities, you can refer to the following details.

Let’s have a close look at what jobs can you get to explore in Bangalore or Kolkata and what industries are prominent in either of these destinations.


This city, at present is best known for its earmarked presence in the IT sector and the jobs generated by it. The city is home to over 900 IT companies that create a generous amount of jobs for students passing out of engineering colleges every year. The city, with its globally known presence in the IT sector is also referred to as Silicon Valley of India. It employs about 35% of the IT professionals in India. Besides, many other sectors including manufacturing, automobile and biotechnology create most jobs in the city. With a significant contribution from these sectors, Bangalore recorded a surge of 12% in its new job creation category in 2013. A major part of these openings belong to IT companies based here. Besides, biotechnology is identified as another significant business for the city as 97 out of the total of 240 biotechnology companies in India are based in Bangalore. This makes it a major job market for biotechnology professionals.


The job trends in Kolkata might not be as prominent as the ones in Bangalore and other metro cities, but the city surely holds a lot to it in terms of employment opportunities. In the last few years, Kolkata has grown manifolds, be it in terms of infrastructure, education, IT, banking, manufacturing or any other industry. Out of these, banking has always been the economic strength of the city, which also creates alluring career opportunities for finance professionals. Besides, IT is said to be growing at the rate of 70% per year in the city, which is truly commendable. This data clearly defines the city’s potential to create new job vacancies.

The above details will surely help you study the job markets of Bangalore and Kolkata. It will also detail the industries that highlight the economies of these cities.

Practical Tips On Travel Deals To New York City

New York City is one most heavily populated city in the United States of America. It is certainly one of the main travel destinations in the whole world. People from all over the world visit this magnificent city to witness the beauty of its skyscrapers, parks, and historical and cultural monuments. Some of the major destinations of the city include the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Washington Square Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and New York Botanical Garden.

One of the secrets of travelers is being flexible and booking the trip online on the last minute. Hotels want to make sure that their accommodations are fully booked and airlines also want to ensure that their flights are full as well. In cases that there are still room vacancies and empty seats on aircraft, most often they will cut off their prices for practical last minute tourists who book their online travel deals from NYC.

Everything about New York City seems very exhilarating! What to do in New York? Where to go? Which events to attend? Worry not because there won’t be a scarcity of things to do in the city. You certainly can’t do everything, so take time to enjoy the one thing at a time. Well, here are some insights to help clear your mind off.

-If you want to see the different tourist attractions of the city, take a bus tour; you can tour around New York in a more relaxing ambiance. A tour by night will allow you to witness the stunning views of the Manhattan Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and a whole lot more. All of these attractions will be lit up during the night making them look more dazzling.

-New York is renowned for theatres and shopping malls. Tourists can watch movies, hang out, and enjoy shopping at the different shopping districts at the New York Times Square. You can shop until you drop. If you are in hunt for designer shops such as Prada, Chanel, or Gucci, you off to Madison Avenue. If you want to get bargains and save money, you can go to the Lower East Side.

-An evening will be wonderfully spent in New York City if you watch a show on Broadway. Prices of tickets vary depending on locations of seats. If you want to save a dime, you better for cheaper tickets online. Some shows presented on Broadway are Lion King, Mama Mia, and Billy Elliot.

-During the winter season, it is best to watch another attraction; the Empire State Winter Games. During this event, about one thousand participants across the state participate and compete in a variety of winter sports including figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, ski jumping, bobsled, alpine skating, biathlon, ski orienteering, snow hole racing, and many others.

In general, New York City brings great adventure and enthusiasm among tourists and the locals as well. It is an immense holiday destination since there are many things to do and many places to go to. If you want to find out more about travel deals from NYC, check out travel websites and read travel reviews on packaged travel deals.

Easy Ways to Find Job Vacancies

A lot of people nowadays are surely looking for a job. Some of them may have been affected by the retrenchment era due to the economic meltdown while some are fresh graduates who are just beginning to join the jungle of the working world. Whether you are already an expert in your field or someone who is just preparing to try out your skills and knowledge in the professional world, you might have been searching for ways to find the best job vacancies out there that best suit your experience and skills. Below are the easiest ways and methods for you to find the best job classifieds out there.

Friends, acquaintances, family members and word of mouth

When looking for a job, you need to talk and speak more about your intentions of finding and getting a job. Particularly, you should express your intent to people you trust. You may also mention your willingness to find a job to those who might be able to help you find one, such as family members, friends and acquaintances who are working in the same field as you would want to enter, or those who have connections with hiring firms and companies.

During gatherings, you may also find some people who may suggest job vacancies that they know of as you talk about or briefly mention about your intention to look for a job. You may also hear people talking about job openings in public areas and all you need to do is search for the mentioned job openings to try it out.

Job centers

Another great way to look for job openings is to visit the local job center. Job centers are spread in cities and towns and it is highly possible that you can find at least one in your locale. In these job centers, there are people who are paid by the government or their organization to help job hunters search for job openings that suit their experience, skills and preferences. Job centers normally have a complete database of employers that look for applicants for different positions and the job center personnel can help you find job openings that will suit you.

Recruitment firms

You may register and sign up in as many recruitment agencies as you wish and could, especially with those that deal with job openings in your vicinity, for your particular need. Once you register in a recruitment firm, it is likely that they will have you take an aptitude exam depending on the job field or niche that you opt for. You may also be required to provide personal information but do not worry, your info will be perfectly safe with them.

Job Vacancy Websites

The role of Internet as the biggest database of information seems to never end. There are a lot of websites that are focused in providing services to those who are looking for job vacancies as well as to companies that would like to advertise their job offerings. You can easily register in these job vacancy websites, create a professional profile and upload necessary application documents such as your curriculum vitae.