Nursing Jobs Online Search Tips

The Internet is a sea of knowledge at your fingertips just waiting for you to collect and gather any type of information that you want. The field of nursing is no exception to this new trend. You will find that many, many nursing jobs online are available for you to review and select from.

Basic Searching for Nursing Jobs Online

The basic place to search for nursing jobs online is through the various search engines. You can put in the keyword of nursing jobs and find pages and pages of websites that have information about various positions.
The other place to look for nursing jobs online is through various medical facilities. For example, the hospitals and local doctor offices will often have nursing jobs online in hopes of filling vacancies for nurses. You can find these healthcare facilities online and often find available positions.

Why Look Online?

Using the Internet to find nursing jobs will save you a lot of time and give you an idea of what type of vacancies are available in various areas. If you are a student, reviewing the nursing jobs online in your area might give you an idea of what niche or specialty that you would enjoy and the availability of jobs within that particular niche.

You can save gas by looking online at the jobs. Many places have virtual tours of their facilities. If nothing else they have photos and basic information about the facility. Instead of looking up facilities in the phone book and driving to each one, you can look on the Internet to determine if you even want to take offline tour of the place.

You can also find out about other areas of the country or positions abroad without traveling. If you find a facility in another area that you like, you can then go visit the city’s homepage and tourist information to learn more about the place without ever having to leave home.

How to Determine a Reputable Website

Once your search has begun it might get a little overwhelming. Try to limit the majority of your website choices to companies that have their own domains and are listed on the first three pages of the search engine results. Additionally, if a company charges for you to submit an application, they are not someone that you want to work for. There are so many vacancies for nurses that no company is going to charge you for submitting an inquiry or an application. You can find out more about vacancies for nurses at

How to Organize Your Search

As you visit each website, jot down the website address. Write down what you liked or disliked about the healthcare facility or company when you read through the website. Additionally, jot down what types of positions are available and open. These notes will help you to narrow down your search and target in on companies that you like the most.

Recruitment Agencies

Before submitting applications or giving out personal information make sure the company is listed with the better business bureau. Additionally, do a search and find out if others have left any reviews about the company. Most importantly NEVER pay to be a member or to submit your information to these companies. There are too many free ones at your fingertips that are more than willing to help you find a job.

The Value and Need of the Nursing Industry

The position of nursing is one that is highly regarding in the medical community. Nurses are the first contact for many patients looking for health care both immediate and preventative medicine. Our quality of life would not be where it is today without the nursing industry. Nurses are in more places than hospitals and doctor’s offices. They hold positions at our schools in the community, laboratories; they are midwives, and outsourced healthcare professionals for our elderly or disabled. Without the vocation of nursing, there would be many people who would have their needs neglected. There are different levels to a nursing career. Nursing can entail hands-on work or an administrative position. You will have to examine which direction you want to take and what interests you personally. This will be your career, not just a job, make sure you are in the position that suits you. Once you have successfully completed your nursing courses, you will be eager to get into the field and helping people as soon as you can. It is satisfying to know that your training and abilities are well regarded and are in demand around the world. With the niche of nursing, you have many opportunities to choose where you would like to put your talent to good use. Finding your perfect nursing job should not be hard for you to do. There are many local job banks that post available positions at local medical centers and hospitals. These job banks are a great source of information to apply if you would like to stay close to where you have trained and where you have established yourself already. You can also check your local paper or medical magazine for any recent postings. Job fairs will occasionally have representatives from the medical community to showcase their environments and attract potential nurses for positions. This option is a good way to meet someone face to face and get a feel for the organization before you make a final decision on where you would like to apply yourself. Many people would like to take their careers outside of their present home. Searching in other cities or even countries is an exciting way to begin your career. Using the Internet is a productive course to follow when you cannot get personal access to local resources in a different city or country. Anywhere there are people; there is a need for nurses. There is no limit to the places that you can apply for jobs when you have completed your nursing accreditation. No matter where you want to start your employment, be sure that you do research and are confident that your skills are put to good use. You would not be settled and satisfied as a medical office assistant if you really want to work with sick children. Your life is just beginning as a nurse and you are entitled to an important tradesperson designation. Keeping positive during your employment search will keep your spirits high and in no time at all, you will find the perfect position that you are looking for as a quality health care provider.

Nevada Rentals: 4 Cities With Super-Low Apartment Rental Prices

Sometimes you’ve got to go where the prices are low. Check out this list of the 4 cities in Nevada where rates for rentals are at the bottom. Average rent prices for apartments in these cities ranges from $866 per month in Reno, to $915 per month in Pahrump.

Pahrump, NV: $915

One of the main reasons prices are low here is because the cost of commuting two hours each day to Las Vegas and back is so expensive. Since the overwhelming majority of Pahrump’s more than 40,000 residents commute to Sin City each day, rental prices absorb part of the cost of all that gasoline.

Pahrump is actually a great place to live, if you’re okay with being so far from the rest of civilization. The town is right outside of Death Valley National Park and has the Sierra Nevada mountains right out the window. The people here are friendly and the town has developed nicely over the last 30 years, when it started seeing rapid growth from people trying to escape the big city.

Carson City, NV: $905

Probably my favorite Nevada town, Carson City has a great feel to it, and a great restaurant for burritos named Super Burrito. The town is full of culture and history. There are fun walking tours, great museums, Nevada’s capitol, and easy access to larger cities like Reno, which is only 32.5 miles away. When you live in Carson City, you can take visitors from out-of-town to see Virginia City, a nearby town that is right out of an old western movie. They’ll love it.

Winchester, NV: $892

Winchester contains part of the Las Vegas strip, but doesn’t technically exist according to the U.S. Postal Service, which has assigned “Las Vegas, NV” as the place name for this little town. Living in Winchester is so affordable because it’s right in the thick of things with city all around.

Reno, NV: $866

“The Biggest Little City in the World” also happens to have the cheapest rent in Nevada for cities with populations over 20,000. Don’t let the reduced rates here alarm you — Reno is a wonderful place with four distinct seasons, wonderful shopping, great restaurants and easy access to outdoor fun. One of the reasons the rent here is so low is that the current economic situation in the United States has created difficulties for the city. Unemployment for Washoe County as of February 2011 was 13.2%, compared to the national average of 9.2%

So, if you need low rent, you’ve got places to look all over the State of Nevada. Rentals are just waiting for you to show up and sign a lease. With vacancy rates as high as they are, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a great apartment.

Bloomingdales Job Vacancies

Bloomingdales, or ‘Bloomies’ as it is also affectionately known as, first opened its doors in 1861 when two Bloomingdale brothers set up a store in Manhattan. The family had relocated from Bavaria to the United States a few years previously.

Since then, the retail store has also moved – from Manhattan to the trendier and busier location of 59th Street and Lexington where it can still be found today although it is no longer owned by the Bloomingdale family.

Federated Department Stores took over Bloomingdales 4 years after the Second World War ended and they, in turn, are now part of Macy’s Inc.

Bloomingdales is memorable and unique for the way in which it sells to customers. Unlike other retailers and department stores, it has a relatively small advertising budget. Instead, it requires its sales staff to form personal relationships with the store’s customers and to maintain regular contact with them. In their conversations, staff ‘update’ the clients on latest deals and promotions. While Bloomingdales calls this process clienteling, others have accused them of merely practising telemarketing by another name.

Thus, if you don’t like the idea of calling clients and selling by being ‘an old friend just making contact’, then working for Bloomingdales is probably not for you.

Bloomingdales’ website promises their staff the full range of benefits which include:

Health benefits – Medical, dental, short and long-term disability payments, health center wellness discounts

Financial– 401(k) pension based on profit-sharing, company funded pension, Federal Credit Union banking, direct deposit paychecks

Insurance– Life, accidental death and dismemberment, travel (official business only)

Care– Pre-tax deduction scheme for dependent care, domestic partner benefits, employee assistance

Vacation– paid holidays, personal days

General– Community service program

Perks– Discounts of between 10% and 20% for staff and their families at both Bloomingdales and Macy’s; New York City employees get a commuter subsidy, various staff awards, gifts, discounts etc

Bloomingdales, like any other major retail store has many people wanting to start a career with them and as such the competition for jobs can be fierce.

Bloomingdales is a bit of an American institution – so much so that it featured (as itself) in the 2001 film ‘Serendipity’ as the backdrop for Kate Beckinsale’s and John Cusack’s first meeting. The scene portrays them both trying to grab the same one remaining pair of black gloves as a ‘last gasp’ Christmas present for their respective partners.

Indian Cities That Lure Job Seekers The Most

India’s job market brings good fortune for entrants as well as experienced professionals. The country looks wealthy in terms of opportunities available for different professions. Be it a writer, doctor, engineer, architect or a real estate consultant, the country offers great career prospects to all. However, India is counted among the developing countries, it is flourishing with innumerable job openings coming up in IT, IT hardware sector, banking, construction, financial services, HR, advertising, event management, real estate, retail and telecom. Most of these career opportunities prevail in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. These cities attract most of the professionals from different corners of the nation. Also considered the best cities to work for, these Indian regions hold the potential to bring you the ideal jobs.

Below is the detailed description defining the employment generation by these Indian hubs.

Delhi NCR

As per a survey, Delhi secured first place in the list of cities creating new job opportunities in the country in 2013. Out of the 5.50 lakh new jobs generated in India last year, 1.39 lakh vacancies were from Delhi NCR, which is one-fourth of the total figure. Most of these jobs in Delhi NCR were from IT and IT hardware sector. Besides, other industries like engineering, education, real estate, telecom also made a significant contribution.


Bangalore, commonly known as Silicon Valley of India comes up with an impressive number of career choices every year. For engineers and the ones operational in IT sector can have no better option than moving to Bangalore. Housing more than 900 IT firms, the city brings ideal jobs for those operational in this industry. Besides, it also presents itself as a hub of aviation, biotechnology and manufacturing industries. Out of the total number of 240 biotechnology companies in India, 97 are based in this Indian city.


Chennai’s economic base connects it to automobile, software services, medical tourism, hardware manufacturing and financial services. This calls for better career prospects in the city for all these fields. Besides housing many IT companies, this part of the nation is home to many automobile companies and financial corporations. The city is soon to have an IT corridor, which after completion will employ 3 lakh people.


Representing itself as a global trade center in multiple areas, Hyderabad attracts a large pool of professionals from all parts of the country. Traditional manufacturing, knowledge sector and tourism used to be the core businesses of the city but soon after 1990s, IT, biotechnology, insurance and financial services emerged as the sectors contributing significantly to the economy and job opportunities in Hyderabad.


Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra is home to many automobile companies. In the last few years, it has also been witnessing the arrival of mechanical engineering industries. With this, Pune becomes a suitable destination for those looking for jobs in IT and other engineering sectors.

Spending Money to Fill Vacancies – Pay Now Or Pay Later

I am amazed at how many real estate investors don’t do the simple math to determine if spending money to fill a vacancy is better than having a house sit vacant. You may be in a city that is experiencing a strong rental market or you may be in a city that is seeing high vacancy rates for rental properties. Either way, if you sit down and do the math, it definitely pays to spend some money to get your houses filled, and filled quickly.

There are two ways to spend money to get your vacant houses occupied quickly: improve the condition of the property to make it more attractive to potential tenants and increase your marketing to get more people to see the property.

I recommend you spend money on both.

Take some time to figure out what ALL your expenses are when you have a vacant property. Of course, you will include your mortgage payment, taxes and insurance, but many investors overlook expenses like utilities and maintenance – such as snow removal or lawn care. I think you will realize that once you know what your expenses are you can easily justify spending some money to fill your vacancy. It is really a matter of spending it now to get it occupied or spending it later to pay more “holding costs” of having a property vacant.

Now, I don’t recommend you indiscriminately spend money on fixing up and marketing your property. I do recommend you spend money in the areas that will get you the highest return for your money. Here are some common sense areas to spend money.

Clean houses are rented far more quickly than dirty houses. Yard signs are cheap and effective ways to generate calls about rental properties. Free classified websites only cost you some time. The curb appeal that attracts potential tenants driving by can mean the difference between a call and no call, so make sure the house looks good from the outside. The general rule for carpet in a rental property is, “would I let my young children roll around on this carpet?” If the answer is no, you need to either clean or replace them -whichever gets you a yes answer to that question.

In general, it is far better to overspend a little on getting a house ready and marketed so that you can select the BEST tenant and not just the first tenant that comes along.

Investing – Home Prices Fall in Majority of the Biggest Markets

If you have owned a home, or any piece of residential real estate including condos, and vacation homes than you are aware of the run up in prices that occurred for a five year period that ended more than a year ago. In terms of investing, owning a home for half a century has been a wonderful way to build wealth. It is one of the few investing methods where you could actually live in your investment, while it increased in value. Most investors are not aware that from World War II until last year, there was never a single year where home prices fell on a national level, until last year that is.

Homeowners have counted on a steady annual increase in the price of the house they were living in to create a wealth effect. For many, it was their only source of forced savings. It was also a participation in the American dream – owning your own home, and living in it.

Studies are now available which show that at the end of last year, a number of housing markets declined. Actually, 149 different markets experienced the decline. Hardest hit were the East and West Coast of the US, and the Northeast cities.

In you were in Florida at all last year, it was impossible not to see thousands of super cranes going about the process of building 20 to 50 story condominiums. The vast majority of these condos were bought on speculation with the buyer signing the contract never anticipating the need to close on the contract.

We have not seen a mass number of walkways yet. These are people that signed non-recourse agreements with the builder, and are in a position to walk away from the agreement without having to write a check. They will forfeit the deposit they put down however.

Florida may well be the state taking the biggest hit in real estate. Sarasota was down 18% by year-end, while Melbourne was experiencing a 17 % decline. We are talking about actual prices being down. On a national level prices were down 2.7%.

Many analysts haven’t quite figured out what this means? Are motivated sellers holding onto residences longer in anticipation of getting their higher price later on? Are some sellers withdrawing their homes from the market, or perhaps not putting them on the market at all, awaiting prices firming up, perhaps later this year?

What about sales themselves?

In addition to prices being down, there are less actual sales taking place, which is leading to a larger inventory of unsold homes. Forty different states have reported a decline in the number of sales taking place. On a national level the number comes to a 10.1% decline in the actual number of homes being sold regardless of price. Three different localities have reported physical sales being down more than 30%. They include Nevada, Florida, and the District of Columbia. Virginia reported a 20% decline.

There were six states that reported an increase in the number of sales taking place – that’s six out of fifty. They included Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Texas. There was no impact on Utah where sales were flat.

What you really need to look at is the VACANCY rate. The vacancy rate is the number of homes on the market where nobody is living in them, and they are for sale. On a national level, this number always seems to hover around 2%. At year-end, the number went to 2.7%. This is a massive increase because 2.7% is the highest it has been to in 50 years, and that’s only because they started figuring out the number 50 years ago.

You’ve got owners out there who are just waiting, and won’t sell at a lower price than the price they want. This accounts for the increased vacancy rate. On top of that you have another issue. There does come a point where a seller may have to sell. He will take what he can get, even though it establishes a new lower base from which everything else can trade.

Once this base is established than other buyers and sellers see it. The seller reacts with alarm. The buyer reacts with glee, but trepidation also because the buyer doesn’t know if prices are going lower still. This is how panic selling sets in, and no buyers. The buyers walk away, waiting for still lower prices

It’s the same as the stock market, sellers once they have seen higher prices, don’t want to sell at a lower price. Many prefer to wait, hoping, and it is hope that the price will come back. Only the forced seller will do the deal. It might be an estate, or divorce settlement, or a housing relocation that forces the actual sale. It doesn’t matter, once that sale hits the marketplace for all to see, there is a new adjustment in the real estate market.

Where’s the BIAS Now – UP or DOWN?

It is difficult to tell if the year-end numbers have wrenched out the secular excesses that have taken place in the real estate markets in the last five years while everything went crazy on the upside. There may be more to go. If you look at the stock market, most of the house builders bottomed out several months ago when they all made new multi-year lows. Since then, they have rallied nicely. If the real estate market has more to go on the downside, than these stocks will probably have to build double-bottoms before the decline is actually over.

If however, the vacancy rate picks up from here, and price declines have seen their bottom, than most of the damage is behind us. The economy overall and interest rate seem fine, so we don’t expect damage coming from a decline in GDP this year. What seems to be happening is that we are looking at a wearing down of the excesses produced since the late 1990’s in residential real estate in this country?

The geographical segments of the country that experienced the most increases in real estate prices are now the ones experiencing the declines. It’s the same story, and the story never changes, only the areas of the country being affected changes. Our work shows that prices, and vacancy rates have a way to go yet on the downside. At the same time, we believe the housing stocks may decline, but the absolute bottoms established months ago will hold. We are already off those bottoms.

Goodbye and Good Luck

Teaching English in Mexico: Where to Stay in Mexico City Part 1

Hotels in the Historic District

As a newly arrived TEFL teaching prospect, first on your agenda is a place to stay. It’s not just a place to flop, but will be your “base of operations” and starting point of reference for virtually all your initial endeavors in and about the city. Look at two or three places at least, and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Be sure to get the hotel’s business card with the name, complete address, phone number and particulars of the place you’re staying and carry it with you at all times. Many hotel business cards have a small map on the back to help you re-locate them. If all else fails, you can always show the card to a policeman, taxi driver or other official who could then assist you if you’re turned around, having problems, need directions or are just plain lost. Don’t be ashamed of being “lost” in Mexico City – this metropolis, the largest city in the world, sprawls for many kilometers in every direction and is awesome and overwhelming for even the best and most experienced travelers.

The following are hotels near the Zocalo, which is the center of the Historic District of Mexico City.

Hotel San Antonio

Address: 2nd Callejon 5 de Mayo No.29 (between Isabel la Catolica and Palma)
Phones: 512 – 9906, 518 – 1625, 518 – 1626

A little difficult to find at first, but located in an L – shaped “Callejon” (alley), which shelters this small, classy hotel from the street noise on the ever-busy Cinco de Mayo and the equally noisy Palma. With 5 floors and plenty of small, clean rooms, a vacancy is almost always available. Most have color TV, private bath, phone and 24 hour hot water. Upper level rooms on the street side are brighter than interior ones. It’s a mere half-block strut to restaurants, shops and a multitude of stores. The people-packed Zocalo and Metro are less than two blocks away. Prices are 120 pesos for a single, 140 pesos for a double with two beds. One of the best values in the Historic District. The front is lined with fluttering flags that portend the hotel’s offerings.

Hotel Canada

Address: Cinco de Mayo No.47
Phones: 518 – 2106
Fax: 521 – 9310

Upscale and bright, but affordable is this well-known and popular hotel on the corner of Cico de Mayo with Callejon 5 de Mayo. It has nearly 100 rooms, although the ones on the street side can be noisy during the day and early evenings. All rooms have all the basic amenities; color TV, phone, 24 hour hot water, are clean and moderate-sized. Travel agency services, tours, mail, fax and other business services are available at modest cost. On the ground floor there is an excellent juice bar. Prices are likewise at bit more upscale with singles going for 170 pesos and doubles for 210 pesos. A great location and good value though. The staff is likewise courteous, friendly and helpful. Some English is spoken.

Hotel Washington

Address: Cinco de Mayo No. 54
Phones: 512 – 3502

Among the several hotels along the Cinco de Mayo, the Washington, near the corner of Palma is less than two blocks from the Zocalo and offers basic accommodations at reasonable rates. Most rooms have a private bath, 24 hour hot water, phone and TV. Rates are 130 pesos for a single and 140 pesos for a double with one or two beds. Street side rooms tend to be noisy, while the interior ones can be a bit dark. Look at several rooms on different floors before deciding to receive the best value.

Hotel Rioja

Address: Cinco de Mayo No. 45
Phones: 521 – 8333, 521 – 8273, 518 – 3852

One block from the Zocalo, with rooms containing private bath, hot water mornings and evenings only and radio speakers piping in music from a local station; the Rioja’s sparsely furnished rooms offer little more than a place to sleep. The location is good and the small staff amenable enough to assist with some information, but little English is spoken. One of the cheapest hotels to be found in the area (with acceptably clean, liveable rooms) prices are based on location. Rooms with a window are priced at 110 pesos for singles, 130 pesos for doubles and 140 pesos for triples with two or three beds. Interior, windowless rooms are 90 pesos for a single and 100 pesos for doubles.

We’ll continue with a few more inexpensive hotel options in part 2 of this article on “Where to Stay in Mexico City”. Be sure to check out my other articles in the two continuing series: Teaching English in Mexico and Traveling in Mexico. If you would like more information, have questions or comments, the author can be e-mailed at:

Tips For Being the One to Fill Job Vacancies

The global economic crisis seems to have touched every corner of every nation. The number of unemployed people right now is indeed the highest it has ever been. This means that finding available jobs may be harder due to the competition you are going to have with millions of other unemployed people. What are some ways to make sure you fill one of those job vacancies?

The skills you have will be the most obvious part of you being qualified for a particular job. If you are skilled in management, these are going to be the jobs you are applying for. The resume you write needs to target those management jobs first. You may be like millions of others, however, and your jobs skills in a certain area may not matter as much when you are ready to take any job just to put food on the table.

When you find a job opening you would like to apply for, you must keep in mind that your resume is going to the interview grabber. Even if you may be trying to land a job that your skills are not suited to exactly, you can still get it through a creative resume and cover letter. Say for instance you did that management for ten or years. However, before then, you may have worked in the warehouse of the place you managed. Be sure to put in those job skills as well.

Your cover letter needs to be straight and to the point without sounding like rude or or making you look like the most desperate person in the world. You introduce yourself; give some information about your skills and why you think you would be an asset to that particular company. Sum it up by thanking that person in advance for their consideration. Always try to address the cover letter of your resume to the person in personnel that does the hiring.

Once you hit pay dirt and get an interview, you should pay special attention to your appearance. Think about what you would think of someone that dressed in a slouchy manner and had that same kind of persona. You would not want that kind of person working for you. The interviewer will feel the same way. Make sure to dress casually, but not so casual as you dress at home in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Dress like you would for going to a nice upscale restaurant with a new date.

One way to stay on top of available jobs is by using the internet. There are hundreds of websites that are for nothing but job ads and helping people to find the ads they are qualified for. You can have listing sent directly to your inbox on a daily and weekly basis. This is a great way not to miss any of the jobs you might be qualified to do.

Looking for work in the times we are all trying to survive in today is hard. Many adult professionals are going back to school as are many people that held laborer jobs. Filling job vacancies these days is going to depend on your knowledge and what kind of degree you have to offer.

Great Las Vegas Investment Properties – But Will They Rent?

Real estate prices have fallen over 70% in Las Vegas, and aggressive investors are now flooding back into the market to snatch up bargain properties. Real estate experts are touting the strong cash flow potential that Las Vegas properties now offer. Still, I have found that of the dozens of potential Las Vegas real estate investors I speak to every week, most of them share the same concern: Will I be able to find tenants for my investment properties? This is a great question. Exactly how strong is the rental market in Las Vegas? How long will it take to get your investment home or condo rented? What is the vacancy rate in Las Vegas?

Rental vacancy rates are published yearly and I am still waiting to see the data for 2009. But vacancy rates don’t tell the whole story. Because rental vacancy statistics are heavily weighted towards apartment buildings, a high rental vacancy rate for a particular city does not mean that rental homes and condos are necessarily experiencing high vacancy rates. With foreclosure rates in Las Vegas leading the nation for the last two years, many families who are used to living in houses are losing their homes. These families look to rental house and condos to find a new home that fits their lifestyle. So even when overall vacancy rates in Las Vegas have been high, we have continued to see strong demand for rental houses and condos. My personal experience has followed this trend as well. On the 80 plus homes and condos I helped investors purchase last year alone, we are currently running close to a 95% occupancy rate.

It is true that average rents have fallen in Las Vegas over the last two years. But rents have fallen only around 20% while home and condo prices have plummeted over 70% from highs of three years ago. This disparity has created a great cash flow opportunity for investors now entering the deflated market. Homes that were $300,000 are now selling for $100,000 and renting for as much as $1300 a month. Condos that were $225,000 in 2007 can be had for $59,000 and are renting for $900 per month. Homes and condos are experiencing tremendous cash flow that is well above the 1% rule. (Rents should equal at least 1% of the purchase price in order to cash flow positively.)

In the last year, I have sold to many investors, but one in particular has done something that I believe I will see a lot more of this year. He has cashed out around a million dollars from the stock market, purchased 10 single family homes (all around $100,000), and is cash flowing hugely at this time. Average rents on his properties are at $1150 per month and all of his homes are now rented out. If you consider the numbers on his particular investment: Rental income minus taxes, home owners association dues, insurance, minor maintenance, and property management… he is netting about $800 per month, per house. Multiply this by his 10 properties, and he is netting close to $8000 per month in returns. This comes to just under a 10% yearly return on investment. I don’t know anyone right now who is making 10% per year on their stock portfolio. And these figures don’t even take into account the appreciation that he will receive year over year on his properties as the market continues to recover. Nor does it take into account the tremendous tax benefits that come from investing in real estate. Once appreciation takes effect over the course of the next several years, and rents continue to rise, this guy will look like a genius.

This gentleman took a calculated risk and faced his fears about the rental market and is feeling pretty good about it at this time. (Amir, you are my hero.) Now that he has hit his goal of 10 homes, he is planning on buying 10 more over the course of the next year.

If you would like more information on the Las Vegas rental real estate market or investing in Las Vegas properties, please contact me.

Glenn Plantone