How to To Find Cheaper Rent in a Metro City

With the recession looming and companies downsizing, people are moving out of their rental homes and apartments and moving in with relatives. This is causing landlords to scramble to fill those vacancies. According to BusinessWeek, large metro cities are experiencing rent drops and landlords try to get new renters. They have provided a list of cities where the rent has declined. So if you have a stable job and want to move to a larger area, this may be your best chance. I have included the list in the links below, so check it out to see the actual statistics for each area. posted a list of The Top 21 Cities where rent is cheap, I have included that below also. Yahoo finance also posted a report of cities with thigh vacancy spikes, also listed in the links box.

As with any big decision, it should be well thought out and well researched. And preferably planned several weeks to a couple months in advance. The best way to do this is to look up rental sites like for the average rental prices in the area you plan on moving to. Check 2-3 sites to get the average rent price. Some of them are offering a rebate if you sign up on the site and end up renting one of the apartments listed, you get $100.00 check. Not a bad bonus!

Analysts say that we are experiencing the first rent decrease in the past five years. Before that housing prices were on the rise as more and more homes were being built

Check out the job listings in that city as well. If you already have a stable job, check with your employer about a transfer. They can check to see if there are any openings available where you want to go. and are a couple of good sites to check. And there are many others including and Yahoo

Look up the city’s “Chamber of Commerce “site for more pertinent information including schools, transportation and services. They will have links to follow for more information. There are online forums where people who are moving or have recently moved to new city give information to others. You can find these by doing a Google search for information about_xxx_city. Just pose it in question form and you should get back some good results. You may find your answers in the forum ,or you may ask to post a question to one of the members for more detailed information. Most of the time people are glad to help if they can.

Do a complete and thorough search for any valuable information, or just anything that is important in helping you make your decision. You want to be well informed and confident that you are making a good choice, usually during this process red flags or warning signs may appear that would tell you if it might be a mistake to move to that particular city or maybe just a bad time to move. Listen to your intuition.

Make a list of all the important issues about moving. That way you can be sure to check everything without worrying if you missed .

How to find Government Job Postings including Federal, KSA, SES and Military Position Vacancies

There are a number of websites with search engines devoted to helping you find government job postings. Some are helpful, some are scams – just keep in mind that government jobs aren’t a secret, and there’s no reason to pay anyone money to find government job postings. By using even the most general search engine like Google and Yahoo, you can find government job postings. And there are websites run by different branches of the military and agencies that post ads to find government jobs specific to their needs.

If you know which governmental entity you hope to work for, first try going directly to their agency website to find government job postings in that area. Then start with simple job title words to describe what you’re looking for – accounting, medical, computer, janitor, etc. Be creative, though – the federal government is very good at making up convoluted job titles for simple occupations! Using a “wild card” character in your search – an asterisk (*) will yield more results. If you enter “scien*”, for example, you’ll retrieve entries for will fetch “scien,” “science,” “sciences,” “scientific,” and “scientist.” Some job categories will offer just one or two listings, while others will yield many. When that happens, narrow the search with more specific terms – “computer science,” for example.

If you know the series or grade number of the government job you’re looking for, you can enter that as well. It’s a fact of life in government service that employees often identify themselves by series and pay grade numbers – “In my last job I was a 1730-5, but then I got bumped up to 2012-8.” By entering the series and grade numbers – provided you know what they are – you can find postings for jobs in a series at a specific grade.

When trying to find government job postings in city or state government, it’s often smart to go directly to the city or state web page first. From there, you can usually find government job posting links to specific agencies within the government, leading to the actual posting. Sometimes the city or state webpage will link to an employment page for the entire governmental system – in this case, you can often find government job postings and apply for those jobs directly online using the system’s job database. Make sure you read the requirements for applications carefully and submit everything that the government job posting requests, or your application may be rejected. And don’t give up easily – government is made up of bureaucracies within bureaucracies, so if you don’t find government job postings that you want right away, keep searching until you do.

Southampton City News From the Best Internet Community

Are you a resident of Southampton city? It is very important to have proper information regarding the place in which you stay. Sometimes you also need to shift to some other places than the place of your birth.

So it is important to make sure that you learn about the city jobs, car sales, property sales and much more. It is very important to make sure that you choose a place from which you can collect the correct information regarding the city.

Internet is one of the best places to search for different kinds of information. If you can choose the right website or the right community based on the city then you will surely have lots of advantages.

Southampton is a city which is located in the county of Hampshire and is known to be the largest city in this county. This county is located in the south coast in the country of England. You can reach London just in an hour by train from this city.

Other than this, the city is also the closest to the new forest. If you stay in this city then you even have access to some of the best beaches present in the country of England. Different kinds of visitors are found in this city.

You have both business visitors as well as tourists. If you visit the place you will find there are various activities which are quite popular and one of the favorite pass times of the visitors is retail shopping.

There are some great places where you can go shopping. This city has some of the best places for education. If you are looking for Southampton jobs then you can check out the retail industry.

This city has the largest shopping centers and hence retail industry is very famous. Most of the Southampton jobs are available in the retail industry. But it is always important to find the best jobs so that you can have proper job satisfaction.

Other than this, you can also choose to look for Southampton property sales, Southampton car sales and Southampton accommodations in the websites which offer different kinds of information regarding this city.

You might not find much Southampton jobs advertisement because it is quite expensive and this one of the major reasons why the local vacancies go unnoticed. The online communities can help you in this case. They can provide you with better information regarding the jobs as well as the other fields.

There are three kinds of Southampton accommodations available, one for the residents, the other for the visitors and thirdly for the students. You need to choose the one according to you requirement. You get both furnished and unfurnished accommodations.

Five Seller’s Market Cities That Defy Housing Slump

If you have a home for sale, odds are you’re in a tight situation. United States home prices keep falling and inventory rates are through the roof. Moreover, the ensuing mess of subprime loans and the tightening of lending standards have virtually diminished the group of eligible buyers.

However, not every U.S market is in such disarray. Fortunately, there are still some seller’s markets left in cities around the country. According to realtors’ data from Moody’s, a list of hot seller’s market cities is compiled below.

1. Raleigh, N.C. – Moderate growth and regimented building over the past five years has prevented the market from developing a considerable excess. Additionally, a solid local economy has helped stabilize city’s vacancy rate at 1.6%.

2. San Francisco, C.A.The geography of the city has allowed little space for new growth, development, and construction, which has essentially stabilized the market.

3. Austin, T.X. – A seller’s market that has good home-price appreciation figures with a low vacancy rate and a housing market at close to full capacity.

4. San Antonio, T.X. – Affordability and low vacancy rates have kept San Antonio’s market strong.

5. St. Louis, M.O. – Although market price growth may not be stellar, St. Louis’s housing market has proven to be the most consistent over the past few years, marking it as a top seller’s market in the U.S.

In other articles we have discussed, not letting your emotions get in the way of looking at the numbers and cities. Here, we are alerting you, to while keeping the location objective, don’t forget whether you like or don’t like the place. Being all about the numbers, location and nothing about your personal satisfaction is a good way to be penny wise and pound-foolish.

Locating Available Job Vacancies Today

At the present time unemployment is high and it is difficult for many people to find a job. With job vacancies so high, many people can no longer hold out for the job that you desire. However, sometimes taking a job that is not so desirable can lead to bigger and better things.

The largest number of job openings, other than in drive-ins, is found in the medical field and in truck driving. While both require training, the medical field has more arduous training than in truck driving. However, there are personal requirements such as being in good health and able to physically lift heavy objects as well.

In the medical field there are many openings for nursing assistants, LPN’s, and registered nurses. Some, such as nursing assistants, require very little training while registered nurses must be highly trained. There are many different scholarships available in this field as well as federal education funding. In some hospitals you can work while training and they will pay for the courses.

Long haul truck drivers must pass examinations for commercial truck driving. In order to receive a license for driving the big rigs you must pass both written and driving tests. Before being hired by a company you will have a background check and must pass a drug test. Also, it should be realized that this is a job that is time consuming. Many hours, and even weeks, are spent on the road. The pay is excellent but one must realize that it takes a lot of stamina to drive on the busy highways night and day.

Training for those entering the medical field are offered by career schools, junior colleges, colleges and over the Internet. There is classroom and clinical training as well. There is a great deal of memorization and you have to pass a number of tests before being certified or licensed. If you wish to be a truck driver there are many truck driving schools available where actual hands-on training will be given.

Federal, state, county and city jobs are very desirable. They offer long term employment and benefits such as health care, vacation and retirement. Watching the employment hot-line will list any job openings and when an exam will be given. As a rule, if you meet the basic requirements, such as education or experience, you will be allowed to take an examination for the opening. The job is given to the applicant or applicants who score the highest. Others are put on a waiting list until the next examination. As openings come up for the job in question people are selected off the waiting list in order of their score.

Regional Hotels Give Cities Windfall in Wake of Katrina

The Hotel Industry has surely seen a roller coaster ride with Hurricane Katrina. Many Hotels along the Gulf Coast were totally destroyed, many were damaged and others in the aftermath remain totally full. So full in fact that finding a hotel with vacancy within 300 miles is nearly impossible. This is a windfall for the Patel Family; the Indians who are quite industrious and often associated with being sole proprietor hotel owners, it is a family tradition. Most Franchised Hotel Chains and Corporate Hotel Chains are also watching the occupancy rates at 100% meaning we will see very interesting third and fourth quarter results. One hotel chain has lst many hotels and we will not even talk about the tourism industry devastation in Gulfport, Biloxi and the Greater New Orleans area? Some say it may never recover, others are certain it will but it is going to take two or more years. Meanwhile Hurricane Season 2005 is hardly over, in fact we are now in one of the historically typical worst months for Hurricanes and Damage.

Many city governments in smaller towns along two-lane routes to and from the Gulf Coast are seeing increases in their budgets due to sales tax at the areas restaurants and the bed taxes, which cities generally add to hotel rooms. Some cities charge as much as 15-20% bed tax and that adds up quickly with rooms vacancy averages at zero available. Other cities in the wake of the disaster are biting the bullet and allowing relaxed bed tax fees in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In Austin TX for instance bed and room tax is waived for all Hurricane victims.

The Hotel Industry is one industry, which definitely is affected by this Catastrophic Disaster tearing it in both directions. Record occupancy rates and total losses for those destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. Think on this.

Job Vacancies Pools Run Deep and Shallow

If a person were browsing online, it would appear that there is no recession and that there are many jobs for whomever wants one. They need only pick and choose one or more. There are job vacancies across the spectrum from free lance positions, part time ones, full time careers and virtual jobs. A person can have more than one job at any given time. A person can live in one place and work in another, not just by commuting by car, train, bus, or subway, but via the internet.

The internet can be an optical illusion in representing an abundance of information that can be repackaged in whole or in parts. A given job might appear to be much more than one job. Online, a given position can land in many places on the internet, and consequently, it can net scores of applicants. Because of the longevity of information, a position can be online for longer than the position is open. A vacancy might remain in cyberspace for years.

Applicant pooling used to be easier said than executed. With the emergence of the internet as a viable and acceptable recruiting and job search outlet, pooling potential applicants for jobs that exist and ones that may not currently be vacant, is almost too easy. In fact, not only are applicant pools standard fare, but pooling those looking for work is a draw for those parties looking to market products or services.

Not out of the ordinary are pitches regarding other than the offer of employment. Consequently, for those seeking employment online, locating standard, professional websites, blogs and social media can reduce time wasted. Those seeking employment should avoid anonymous advertisements, ones that sound out of the ordinary or too good to be true. If employers can post vacancies for free, this might be a window of opportunity for non-legitimate activities. Employment sites that charge work seekers may or may not be legitimate. When the costs are high, or the number of opportunities are low, or of low-quality, this can also be an indicator to steer clear. If a vacancy with a company continues to recur, online it becomes clear the employer may not be someone that can keep employees.

The good news is that because of the nature of the web, news travels fast. Word of mouth has elevated quality websites, blogs and social network sites to the forefront. While word of mouth may spread throughout the online community about job options, outside of the internet, some employers adhere to local advertising. Employers might not want to pay for recruitment portals. A flood of applicants and the sorting work this entails might also be deterrents. This might also mean that the competition off line might be less than the competition online. Some employers also enjoy personal face time with a prospective employee, enjoying the personal touch. Networking is at the heart of good business.

While some people look good on paper, others have a winning personality, or “something about them”. When scouring job vacancies, an applicant would need to cover his or her bases, and cast the wide net online, and make the personal connection offline. You may be a good catch in the up close and personal local pond. In an online ocean of applicant pools, you may appear to be a small fry. At times, an employer and applicant click better offline than online, or meet offline to seal the online appeal.

Jobs in Hyderabad – Fast Growing City in India

Hyderabad has always been a preferential city all through the centuries. It has seen many prominent rulers who have ruled through Capital called Hyderabad. Apart from being a city of National Heritage, Hyderabad has emerged as a fast growing city in the field of information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and entertainment industry.

Hyderabad is the hub of all IT-sector. All major Companies from all over the world have established their offices to avail services from educated class of people. Professionals have been pouring themselves in this city to avail better job-opportunities and give their best to IT sector. Hyderabad is the second favorite destination for IT companies next only to Bangalore. The HITEC facilities and highly educated professionals have made the people eye on this city for best jobs in India. Top IT Companies include Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

Biotechnology Center: Hyderabad has been the center of studies in the field of Biotechnology. Biotechnology Research stations have attracted professionals from this field to establish themselves and contribute to the success of researches. Biotechnology research stations have created huge jobs in Hyderabad.

BPO Jobs: Most International Companies have established their BPOs to service through India. Call centers have created innumerable jobs in India in the last one decade. Trained professionals and proficient executives look forward to getting BPO Jobs in Hyderabad.

Retail Sector Jobs: Establishment of major IT and pharmaceutical Companies have led to massive shift of people from all over the world. They have high earning power which has attracted retail sector to the city. Major brands have showrooms in prominent Malls and shopping complexes, creating large number of jobs for semi-qualified and trained professionals. Jobs in India have seen a major shift in this HITEC city of Hyderabad.

Jobs in pharmaceutical industry: Jobs in Hyderabad have been created in the field of pharmaceutical industry. Researches and manufacturing is carried out on the suburbs, to make it attractive place for working. Pharmaceutical industry is specific to trained professionals.

Real Estate Jobs in Hyderabad: Rising population has boosted construction industry. Builder-flats are constructed as per consumers’ requirements creating huge jobs in real estate business.

Many Fortune 500 Companies have come-up in Hyderabad including Microsoft, Google, IBM, Computer Associates, AMD, Amazon, etc which along with other International and National Companies have opened up large avenues for jobs in Hyderabad.

Expanding the Mind When it Comes to Job Vacancies

If you are looking for employment you may be stumped about where to start. Job vacancies are available and you can find employment in your own backyard or across the world. It just depends on how adventurous you would like to be.

There are many websites that gives helpful tips on where to find jobs. There are other articles that are useful and tell you the highest paid jobs as well as those industries that are currently hiring. Subscribing to an employment website may be a good fit for you. Some are no charge and others charge a small fee.

If you are looking locally a website search can also help you as well as your local paper. Yes, many employers still run an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper. Some of these postings are also available online at the newspaper’s website.

If you are willing to relocate there can be a greater opportunity for you for work. Even if this means long distance commuting for a time. Many smaller towns across the United States are experiencing a hiring freeze in many professions. But if you take those same skills and move to a different city you may have ample opportunity for employment.

There is also opportunities for travel across the world. Other countries are hiring for jobs in chose fields. If you are willing to travel and find this idea interesting you can look into the options that are out there. Many times civil servant jobs for the U. S. Government can take you to other countries for employment.

There are options out there in regards to job vacancies. You just need to know where to look. Start online and do some research about jobs available. You can search by the profession or just who is hiring if you do not have any clue what you want to do or want to switch professions. Stay positive and expand your horizons and you will find the perfect job for you out there.

Macy’s Job Vacancies

Macy’s, the US-wide store chain, retails ladies and menswear, home wear, children’s wear, toys, gadgets, bedding, furniture, cosmetics and jewellery etc in its 800 stores.

The first shop was founded in 1858 by Rowland Macy in New York City and he chose the logo to be a red star – a throwback to the tattoo he had made when he was working as a young sailor on a Nantucket whaling boat. The shop stayed in the family until it was bought by Isidor Straus who died on the Titanic. Isidor became immortalised when survivors revealed that he refused to board a lifeboat ‘while there were women left behind’ and his wife of many years, Ida, declined to leave his side, dying alongside him.

After then, the chain of companies has passed through several hands and it is now part of the massive Federated Department Stores conglomerate. The last accounts for Macy’s declared a turnover of $25bn and a profit of $1bn with the company currently employing 150,000 members of staff in its stores and eSpot ZoomShops that sell electronics.

Apart from Isidor and his wife’s appearance in various Titanic movies, the shop has also featured in the perennial success ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ which largely takes place in Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street – hence the film’s name.

If you are thinking of applying to Macy’s for one of their job vacancies, then you may be interested in the employee benefits which the company offers. These are:


Macy’s offer subsidised medical and dental programs and a ‘Healthy Living Wellness Program’ which checks workers’ blood pressure and cholesterol. Employees can sign up for Weight Watchers through the company and there is free preventive health care for employees’ families. If worker becomes incapacitated, they can take advantage of a disability income protection scheme which is available to both full-time and part-time staff.


There is a retirement investment plan in place and Macy’s will match a percentage of employees’ pre-tax savings.


There are paid vacations and the promise of time off work to attend to and care for a sick relative or where a work-initiated disability has occurred.


Salary pay-checks can be paid direct into employees’ bank accounts and Macy’s provides a service called In-site whereby staff can access their records and make updates etc.


There are discounts for Macy’s employees and their families on Macy’s products with staff reductions ranging from 10% to 20%, with the odd promotion reaching 30% off.